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Who Gets To Choose The Honeymoon Destination (Bride Or Groom)?

Being engaged to your beloved is a wonderful experience. As you two plan the many details of your wedding ceremony and reception, you both realize that what you are really looking forward to is a relaxing and romantic honeymoon. You both have your own ideas as to what constitutes the “perfect honeymoon.” Who gets to choose the honeymoon destination?

There are four options that you as an engaged couple may wish to consider.

Option 1:
The bride selects the honeymoon destination, the resort or hotel, and the activities and itinerary.

Option 2:
The groom selects the honeymoon destination, the resort or hotel, and the activities and itinerary.

Option 3:
The bride and the groom work together to decide on the honeymoon destination, resort or hotel, and the activities and itinerary.

Option 4:
Have an honest and loving discussion about what partner would like to plan each part of the honeymoon. Maybe the bride selects the honeymoon destination, the groom selects the resort or hotel, and the couple decides on their activities, itinerary, special day trips and dates together.

To guide you in figuring out what responsibilities to keep and what responsibilities to give your future spouse, consider each partner’s special interests and talents. Who cares more about the honeymoon destination, the accommodations, the restaurant venues and the itinerary? If the groom loves cooking, allow him to decide upon the restaurants the two of you intend to visit. If the bride is an art lover, allow her to plan out your travel itinerary, including trips to special art galleries and museums.

Planning your wedding and honeymoon together provide many opportunities for you as a couple to develop your communication skills and problem-solving skills with one another. Compromise is a key component of a healthy marriage, so learn to compromise with your honeymoon planning. Stick to your preference when it comes to something that it really important to you, like the destination, and compromise with a detail that matters more to your partner, like the accommodations.

It is worth mentioning that a fifth option exists when it comes to who is responsible for planning the honeymoon. Some grooms like to surprise their new wife by planning the entire honeymoon, figuring out all details, covering all expenses, and flying with their wife after their wedding to destination that the bride only discovers at airport or upon arrival. Would your bride enjoy such a memorable surprise? It just depends on the bride’s personality. Some brides like surprises and spontaneity, and would consider it incredibly romantic and stress-relieving for their new spouse to take full responsibility for planning the myriad of details associated with the honeymoon. Other brides, however, favor having control over all aspects of the wedding planning and feel more comfortable and relaxed by not having to deal with any major surprises or changes.


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