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Do’s And Don’ts For Planning For Wedding Reception

DO: Book your reception site/ hall as soon as possible, ideally within several weeks after getting engaged and selecting your wedding date.

DO: Go together as bride and groom to various possible reception sites. Arrange meetings with a representative from each location. Ask about pricing, special features and amenities. Inquire about sample menus if the reception site requires that you use their own catering service.

DO: Brainstorm together what you both consider to be your “ideal wedding reception.”

DO: Consider different creative places to hold your wedding reception: hall, restaurant, art gallery, museum, church, park, country club, own home or family’s home.

DO: Remember the following expenses that need to be planned and budgeted for:

  • rental of reception site
  • flowers
  • cost of entertainment – band or DJ
  • lighting and sound system
  • wedding lunch or dinner

DO: Think about the following catering fees:

  • cost of lunch or dinner
  • cost of catering services
  • cost of tables & chairs rentals
  • cost of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; decide whether or not to serve alcohol; cash bar versus open bar
  • cost of desserts and appetizers

DO: Decide as a couple whether you would like to have buffet-style or traditional plate-dinners served by the wait staff.

DO: Remember that it is less expensive to have buffet-style meal.

DO: Remember that a lunch reception is less expensive than a dinner reception.

DO: Regarding menu options, make sure that both the bride and the groom get the opportunity to sample all of the different menu options, including the appetizers, salads, soups, entrees, and desserts.

DO: Look in wedding magazines and search on-line wedding websites for photographs of various wedding reception. Figure out what flowers, decorations, colors and themes appeal to both the bride and the groom.

DO: Cut out photos from magazines or print out photos from websites of wedding reception dΘcor that you enjoy.

DO: Talk to family and friends in order to find out what DJ or band or musicians they hired for their weddings. Get recommendations from family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.

DO: Meet with at least two or three different DJs or bands. Find out what genres of music they specialize in and what types of music they feel comfortable playing.

DO: Listen to the band or musicians play one or two sample songs for you

DO: If time allows, attend one of the band’s or musician’s performances to evaluate how they would sing and play with an actual audience.

DON’T: Just select a band or musician in a hurry without listening to them perform.

DO: Go as bride and groom to wedding exhibitions and talk to and listen to various DJs, bands and musicians. Get their contact information, find out about the services provided, music specialties and fees.

DON’T: Invite friends, family, coworkers, neighbors simply because you feel obligated to invite them.

DO: Invite the people who genuinely support you two as a couple. Keep it smaller and more intimate.

DO: Plan your seating arrangement carefully.

DO: Seat family members and couples together.

DON’T: Seat strangers together.

DON’T: Seat people who don’t get along together.

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